B.S. Biology  -  Jacksonville State University 

M.S. Secondary Education  -  JSU

Currently pursuing a doctorate in Higher Education Administration through the University of Alabama



For 21 years, I have taught biology at the high school and college levels, as well as other sciences like anatomy and physiology. I also had the opportunity to work as a music teacher. My philosophy is that teaching is certainly a calling. It can be challenging, at times, but worth all the time and effort put into educating young people. Being a mother of a child with autism, I have the greatest respect for teachers, especially those who work with kids with special needs. Just being a parent, I have the greatest respect for those who truly love their children. I pray that my students will grow closer to their families, rather than apart, as they mature and become young men and women. I am honored to be a teacher at Oxford High School and want to do my very best to provide a quality education for the children of this community.