Subjects Taught
11th Grade US History, 9th Grade World History

Graduate of Anniston High School, Gadsden State College, Jacksonville State University, M.S. in English/History


U.S. Army, Fort McClellan, AL - Retired (30 years)

Oxford High School - 17 years - History Department



Education:  B.S. and M.S. from Jacksonville State University in History and English.  

Work Experience:  Civil Service, United State Army at Fort McClellan, Alabama. 

I love to travel and feel that one can learn history best by being there; therefore, I have traveled in Europe, England, Ireland, Mexico, China, and the U.S., especially New York. I attempt to use my travel experiences to enhance students' knowledge of the world by incorporating those experiences within my curriculum. Teaching is a worthwhile profession that I always dreamed of accomplishing.  I hope to see former students take their education seriously and use it in whatever endeavor they pursue.  Nothing would please me more than to see a former student become an honest politician, an educator, or an everyday historian.  Building character, good citizens, and informed individuals are my goals.