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OHS Class Flag Collection
Posted On:
Monday, September 28, 2009

For many years the classes of Oxford High School would have a flag made in honor of their year of graduation.  These flags were waved during pep rallies by the classmates of the classes.    This was a tradition that seemed to have started with the class of 1978 and carried on until 2000. 

At times, flags have been borrowed for class reunions.   There are several years' flags that are missing from the collection.  If you have one of these flags or know of one of the missing flags, please contact the office.  We are planning to display the flags in the new Oxford High School and would like to retrieve all the missing flags so the collection can be complete.   We also are hoping to bring back this tradition with the Class of 2010. 

Please call 241-3174 with flag information.

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