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	The media center is open for student use
 from 7:15 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. The second floor 
of the library is considered the main floor.  The 
library book collection is located on this floor. 
	The third floor is for meeting purposes, scheduled by teachers, 
administrators, and district personnel.
	The first floor of the library has a tiered classroom for use by 
our students and teachers for programs, lectures, and testing. 
This room seats 105 people. The first floor is also used for meetings 
by everyone in the system. The athletic department conducts their 
Parent Meetings on this floor. Different departments in the system 
utilize it, as well.  Jacksonville State University uses this classroom 
in the afternoons and evenings for Video Conferencing classes.  
The first floor also has the Oxford Room. This is a conference/meeting 
room with Oxford memorabilia. 
	We are very proud of the media center and the many different
resources it offers.