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Oxford High School

Child Nutrition Program Information


Breakfast and lunch meals offered daily.


Breakfast Meal Prices

$1.00 Paid

$0.30 Reduced

Lunch Meal Prices

$2.40 Paid

$0.40 Reduced

$3.60 Visitor Meal - Cash Only Please


Ala carte items and additional food items are available for purchase daily.


Please contact your child's Child Nutrition Program Manager if you do not want your child to purchase additional items. Contact information is listed below.



  Meals available for students leaving campus early.

Grab and Go box available for all type of meals - paid, reduced, and free! Big O Meals available daily!


 Free and Reduced Meal Information




NEW for 2018-2019! 

Big O Meals available daily at each school location! 

Does your child dislike today's menu item?

 Did your child forget their lunch today?

 Try a Big O Meal!


Available to all students:  Free, Reduced, and Paid




Did you know about our online meal pre-payment system?

Download the app or visit to register! Registering and monitoring are FREE! A fee is only charged if money is added to his or her account! Available 24 hours a day. May take 1-2 days for funds to post.


Balance information is not available over the phone. Please register at to monitor your child's account.


If you have any questions please contact Becky Maguoirk, CNP Manager:

 (256) 241-3177


Visit the Child Nutrition section of the Oxford City Schools website at for further Child Nutrition Program information.